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Create a grand entrance for your home with the addition of a Pivot Door, French Doors or Iron Door. Vision Window & Door creates stunning entryways that effortlessly elevate your home.

Explore the large sliding door systems Vision Window & Door can create for your home so you too can experience the benefits of in and outdoor living areas. 

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Embrace the view

The view matters so why not work with Renovation Inc's vendor, Vision Window & Door to create a custom designer window & door package that will highlight the view and add a luxury touch to your residential space.

About the vendor

Visions Window & Door

Visions Window & Door specializes in creating beautiful, stunning windows & doors for any liking. They started off in the commercial sector making the most ideal, sleek, and flawless windows and doors from storefronts to hotels. They have decided to take their expertise and shift focus to the residential market. Now their mission is to upgrade your residential space to become the most inviting, modern, and luxurious home with newly polished windows & doors. Whether it’s a new build or an older build they concentrate on whole home window and door replacement. Work with Renovation Inc's design team to create fabulous window and door packages that are perfect for your home.

About us

Renovation Inc

We are a family owned showroom and design center that serves the greater Phoenix area. We carry a range of vendors from flooring to windows & doors. We created Renovation Inc as your one-stop-shop for flooring, cabinets, countertops, fireplaces, and doors & windows. We have on-site designers who can work with you one-on-one to achieve the design of your dreams. From developing the design to assisting with the material selection we are there to support you during your remodel process. Through our experience, we can guide you to make confident decisions for your residential or commercial renovation. Our staff will work with you from the beginning to the end to assure everything is completed as promised. We are always humbled and honored when we get the opportunity to work on a new design project.

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Explore the endless possible windows and doors designs that Vision Window & Door has to offer

Pivot Door

Sliding Door

Folding Door

Pocket door

Corner Door

Curved Glass Door

Iron Door

French Door

Multi Sliding Door

Picture Window

Slider Window

Double Hung Window

Glass Window

Casement Window

Awning Window

First impressions are everything and so are entryways. A Pivot Door creates that breathtaking feeling & visual your home is looking for. They are typically used for larger entryways, but Vision Window & Door can accommodate any size and any color. The Pivot Door is definitely a luxurious and modern addition to your residential space.

Vision Window & Door offers a line of sliding door systems that are perfect for your residential space. Sliding Door systems feature two panels that slide over one another that can blur the line between in and outdoor living. In Arizona, we’re blessed with some beautiful sunsets and magnificent views, and with Sliding Doors you can start enjoying them today. No matter if you are looking for a small or large sliding door Vision Window and Door can accommodate your needs.

A popular choice among modern homeowners is the Folding Doors. These are similar in design to the accordion and Z-fold motion doors. The Folding Door allows you to optimize your residential or commercial space without the need for extra pocket panels to slide into. Easily open up your home and allow for more airflow and natural light. 

A Pocket Door is created by making a space within the wall for the door to slide into. These types of doors are great for homeowners who are looking to take advantage of space and are looking for a sleek look. Whether you’re looking to install the pocket door for a bathroom or to take advantage of the indoor & outdoor living trend they are a great addition to your home. Pocket Doors allow for a wider entryway and take up the least amount of space.

Enjoy that indoor/outdoor living style by eliminating a corner structural wall or frame that stands in the way of creating a sleek Corner Door. By removing this obstruction you can effortlessly blend two spaces together with a Corner Door. Enjoy the view a little more and effortlessly entertain your guests with a larger space.

Taking advantage of the view is something we believe in and a Curved Glass Door does just that while also adding an interesting twist on a home. The curved shape allows for even more visibility of the outdoors than your traditional glass doors. Vision Window & Door can accommodate any size and design that your residential space requires.

Iron Doors are a great way to elevate your entryway. With their traditional and luxury look, Iron Doors also offer durability and protection from the outside. Vision Window & Door can create single and double Iron Doors depending on what your space needs and what your vision for your home is.  

French Doors are a popular choice and classic choice for entryways and patios. This timeless and elegant look is right for any type of home. Vision Window & Door can design a French Door system that accommodates the necessary needs for your space. 

A Multi Sliding Door system is a unique design that can create a luxury look that you will never get sick of. Elevate your home with this advanced style that allows for more natural light and combines in and outdoor living. Vision Window & Door can create a multi-slider system where each panel effortlessly stacks over one another with any size profile.

Offering a more contemporary look, the Picture Window is a large window that does not open up. It offers a clear unobstructed view of the outside environment. The Picture Window has a larger frame that’s built to match the sidelines of accompanying windows. Vision Window and Door can create any size Picture Window that your home needs. Add that modern touch to your residential space by replacing your current windows with a beautiful window system created by Vision Window and Door.

Sliding windows are great for contemporary-style homes, basements, or tight spaces that need extra ventilation. A Slider Window is an excellent addition to kitchens and other spaces where you want easy access to fresh air. A Slider Window glides open horizontally from one side, similar to a Sliding Door.

A more traditional look is the Double Hung Window. This design has two operable slide tracks allowing the window to move up and down. The built-in slide tracks on the frame are held in place by counterweights, springs, or friction. A Double Hung Window is a great bonus to a home because of its easiness to keep clean.

Vision Window and Door prefer glass windows because of their sturdiness and insulation. Glass Windows help with energy conservation so they are more energy-efficient than other types of material used for a window. Choosing a Glass Window makes sure that you will have strong protection from outside forces. Talk with us today about how we can create a remarkable glass window system for your home.

Like the Slider Window, a Casement Window is also a traditional aesthetic that is often used in kitchens for easy ventilation. Casement windows feature are hinged on one side and crank open outwards to one side allowing for full top to bottom airflow. Group Casement Windows together to create amazing window design combinations.

A window that is great for higher-to-reach places is the Awning Window. This window is hinged at the top and has a single sash. The window opens up horizontally by a hand crank. Higher-up windows are also best for capturing natural light and ventilation. Another plus of having higher-up windows is increased privacy and security for your home without compromising natural sunlight.

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Renovation Inc treats each home as if it were our own. Between our expert design team and amazing vendors, we promise to deliver above and beyond. A home's windows and doors are pivotal to its design. At Renovation Inc, we work closely with our vendor, Visions Window & Door, to create sleek, custom, and unique designs. We can work with you to design incredible window and door combinations for your entire home including large slider systems and specialized designer window and door packages. See what we can design for you!

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